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Eat all the cells to become a champion! Agario is dangerously addictive multiplayer game with several unique modes.

 Play against thousands of competitors. If you bump into a smaller cell, it will absorb it and become larger. The bigger you are, the more you become stronger.

You can also get rid of the extra weight and divide it into several smaller parts to overcome the smaller cells. After the free mode is the discovery of an experimental mode where you learn to control nadporuszającymi the cells. To increase the fun and popularity, select a color skin.

 You can make the cells to look like the president, the flag is one of the Internet memes. When choosing a user name, use the name of the country, the president, to change the appearance of your skin cells.

And what about Internet memes those used as skin in the game Enter a name for your user. You can change each time you start a new game.

You can also play with other players around the world. Choose your favorite region and join thousands of players in each area in just a few seconds.

If you prefer a personal battle against your friends, choose the mode “Party”, which works only with the host to the game link that you can send to your friends.

At the end of each game you have access to your status. Number eaten cells, service life, number of

Agario is one of our favorite games category: Arcade Games.

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